You’ve got a lot of choices when you pick an editor. Why should you pick me?

For starters, I’m a former YA librarian and independent bookseller. What that means is I’ve got lots of experience with the people you want to connect with – readers! I know what readers like, what they don’t like, what makes them pick up a book, and what makes them put it down.

And I would love to help you craft your story into the kind of book that readers will devour like a can of Planters Cheez Balls.*

I’m also a writer. In 2012, I was lucky enough to win a $20,000 Creative Workforce Fellowship from Cuyahoga Arts and Culture. (If you’re an artist and you’re thinking about moving to Cleveland, this is a program you should check out.) I’m an old hand at the critique process, having participated in the Tin House Summer Writer’s Workshop and numerous classes at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis and Ohio City Writers in Cleveland. And from 2010-2012 I ran an online literary magazine called the Cleveland Review (you can check out the archives here).

I specialize in YA urban fantasy, paranormal/supernatural, and horror manuscripts. Even better if it’s funny. So if that’s what you’ve got, drop me a line at christine [at] christineborne [dot] net. I’m happy to do a sample edit for you.

*what? They don’t make Planters Cheez Balls anymore? Nooooooooo!!